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Below is the latest update as of 16th June 2022

NARROMINE HIGH SCHOOL – Update from John MacCallum – Project Manager

The fuselage left Jandakot (WA) and arrived safely in Narromine a few weeks ago.

SAAA member and Project Manager John MacCallum, Chapter 38 members and the Narromine High School students are working on bringing the plane together.  The below photos were taken this week.  Miss Tori is coming together nicely.

A big thank you to Dina and Oleg Deshin for driving the RV12 Trailer and the wing from Lyndale Secondary College to Narromine.  .

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TEMORA HIGH SCHOOL – RV12 EMPENNAGE PROJECT – Update from Brett Inch – Teacher

Our Aviation students continue to apply themselves to the RV training kits and are nearing completion. We are looking forward to next year and working on the empennage for the RV12 with our mentors. We will continue to develop our tooling for the project and the students have enjoyed learning the new methods and the exacting nature of the build. The dimpling and back riveting have been favorites of the students as they don’t normally get to experience this method of joining metal and construction.

We will be making a plan for the empennage kit to start next year and ensuring we have the necessary tooling for the job. The build will be scheduled to start in first term next year with the aim of completing it by the end of 2022. The students are keen to get started on the empennage kit and put their new skills to use.

The other supervising teacher (Jake Kilgannon) and I completed the same kits under the watchful eye and excellent teaching of Sam Richards and Simon Pike and are better equipped to help our students and understand the mistakes (not that we made any!) that can happen.



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ASHDALE SECONDARY SCHOOL – Update from Lainey Bradley National Co-ordinator SAAA Build Project

The build part of our program has reached a great milestone with the fuselage finished in the school. The teachers, students and mentors enjoyed having a seat in the plane! Certificates and a plaque have been presented to the school to acknowledge their participation in the project.


On Monday 6th December, the fuselage was on display at the school’s end of year showcase. I invited all mentors who had worked on the fuselage to join us along with sponsors. It was a fantastic evening with a great turnout of mentors. Jake from MLB Paints came along and was enthused and impressed with what we have achieved. We even had a politician join us, Margaret Quirk MLA.


It was great to see the parents interested in the fuselage and taking photos of the plaque with the student’s names on it. This plaque will go into the luggage compartment and stay with the aircraft for its lifetime.

The evening was a great finale to the project. Sixteen months to the day that the kit was delivered the fuselage left the school. The students helped load the aircraft – committed to the end.




LYNDALE SECONDARY COLLEGE – Update received from Brian Ham & Ray Taylor (Project Managers)

The wing is complete and now in Narromine.

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BURNSIDE STATE HIGH SCHOOL – Update received from teacher Adrian Casten

The empennage is complete and now in Narromine awaiting the other components.

Our Sport Aircraft Association of Australia aircraft project has come to an end with our Year 12s, the student built aircraft will have its final assembly and approvals in Narromine. I am pleased to announce that Billy (centre) will be given the opportunity to gain flight training in this aircraft when it arrives in Queensland.


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MUELLER COLLEGE – Update received from Melissa Chambers (Teacher)

Mueller College have completed the wing and it is now in Narromine.

We have received a wonderful compilation of the wing build from Mueller College.  Click here to view.

Click here to view the video of TC Stephen Kennedy looking over the wing.

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