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Today Ashdale Secondary College received their fuselage. There was great excitement around the school. SAAA National President, Tony White and Treasurer Andy George picked up the kit and delivered it to the school. SAAA Secretary John Smith joined us and it was fantastic to have the Executive Team meet the Principal Kylie Bottcher and her senior team, the teachers and students. It has been a great day. We will now unpack and take the inventory in order that we can get started next week.

The aircraft kit has arrived in Melbourne.  Huge thanks to Brian Ham and Ray Taylor for splitting the kit ready for Lyndale Secondary College to start and sending the rest of the parts to Queensland.

Schools Update

Keep up to date with the schools build progress.


Lyndale Secondary College in Victoria have been letting the local school community know what they are doing and issued an article in their school newsletter.  Here is the link to read:

Ray and Brian our mentors have visited Lyndale a few times already to have discussions around what is needed in the build room as well as informing both myself and Jennifer Ramus about details on how the project will run.  The students that will be working on one of the wings and are part of Lyndale’s STEM program.  The students are happy the kit has arrived and are very enthusiastic about starting the project on the RV-12 aircraft.

We would like to thank Hans Gouws for donating these starter kits.  These will allow our Lyndale students to get an understanding of the processes and skills needed before embarking on the real thing.



Burnside State High School have been very busy and have had the following articles published:


Sunshine Coast Daily

School newsletter

Burnside SHS are well prepared for the arrival and completion of their part of the RV 12 SAAA Youth Build project, which has been allocated to the Year 11 students. I will be engaging with those students shortly or when the tail kit arrives.

SAAA members Graeme Lean and John Butler met with some students preparing their pieces for term assessment. It was a busy day!!

The SAAA Youth Build project commences, with some lead in information and preparation prior to the arrival of the tail kit for the start of the project. John and the other mentors are looking forward to getting involved in this project.

The school has a very well-equipped workshop complex. It would be the envy of any home builder!!


Mueller College will be posting updates on the build on the Mueller Aviation facebook page



Mueller Connect

The SAAA aircraft build project has begun! Our 15 enthusiastic young builders met their SAAA mentors and commenced constructing their VANS toolboxes that were shipped all the way from VANS in America. This will give the students valuable construction experience and allow them to hone their skills before they start work on the wing. The wing is currently on its way up to us from Melbourne. #SAAAPlaneBuild


Exciting news! Our VANS RV12 plane wing has arrived! The students helped carry the boxes containing the various components from the back of the ute and into the Aerospace workshop this afternoon. The room was buzzing with excitement as the boxes were opened and they were able to see the contents for the first time. The students then continued working on their VANS toolboxes, learning how to use cleco pliers, dimpling dies and deburring tools. The feedback from the students has been very positive with some saying that the plane build project is now the highlight of their week.

A big thank you to Chapter 22 for their kind donation


We think the fuselage will fit!

Recently, Malcolm Vivian (Project Manager), mentors John Bullock and Glen Fuller attended the school.  They handed over the tools that had been kindly donated by our members.  It was our first day of preparation in the classroom and it was great to meet the students.