About SAAA

What We Do

We build, maintain and fly sport aircraft!

SAAA Members operate VH-registered aircraft like any other general aviation aircraft owner and pilot with access to the full range of licences, endorsements and access to airspaces.

The range of aircraft typically operated amongst the SAAA community is phenomenal:

  • Single / Multi-Engine   –   Piston / Jet / TurboProp
  • Fixed Wing / Helicopter / Seaplane   –   MTOWs up to ~2000kg
  • Wing loadings up to ~40 lb/sq ft
  • Cruise TAS up to ~325kts – High Altitude Operations up to ~FL280
  • All classes of airspace   –   VFR / Night VFR / IFR


So you want to build an aircraft? Here’s an overview of how you go about it with SAAA support

We like to have fun – fly-ins, events and social activities.

SAAA is a rewarding and exciting place to be!

And do we do EVENTS…..?  We most certainly do. Check out this record of an SAAA organised fly-in to Langley Park – the original Perth City landing ground directly in from of the CBD

What We Offer

We are a Community

We have:

  • A Network of Chapters connected by Regional Chapter Co-ordinators located around the country
  • Aviators with knowledge, expertise, spirit and the will to help
  • Events, Fly-Ins, Socials and Education
  • A Safety Program
  • A Member Support Program
  • A huge range of Member Benefits and Services


We manage the issuance of Special Certificates of Airworthiness for our Member aircraft, and we can maintain our own aircraft – but CASA retains the responsibilities for aircraft registration, pilot licensing and aviation medical certification.

Whatever your particular interest in aviation, the SAAA provides the opportunity to share the experience with fellow enthusiasts.


Members BUILDING and FLYING places……