Please see the message below from SAAA Member John Cleary, Chapter 4 re Tallawarra B ePetition.

Dear all,

We need help with getting traction on out Tallawarra B plume petition.

We are trying to ensure the plume from the Tallawarra B power station being built in the circuit of Shellharbour Airport is safe for aviation, and we are very concerned that it is not. The attachment explains why we think it is not.

Our petition is asking that parliament require CASA do a third party peer review measurement of the actual plume during commissioning, to ensure it is safe, and to then formally inform NSW Dept of Planning and Shellharbour City Council whether it is safe or not. If they confirm it is safe, we get on with local contingency actions to maximise our safety. If they confirm it is not safe, it is not given operational approval until it is modified to be safe.

Click here to see why

The link below will take you to our new Tallawarra Aviation Safety web site which explains the situation, and asks you to sign our petition. The last page has links to the technical documents referenced for those who wish to delve more deeply into this subject. We are hoping the site is useful for people to pass on to colleagues, family and friends. We are having a lot of difficulty getting traction on this, so anything you are able to do to help get signatures from your members will be greatly appreciated.  I am happy to do a zoom meeting with members to explain the issues, if that would be helpful.

Anybody living in NSW with an email address can sign. Those are the only limitations.

Thank you. All the very best for Christmas,

John Cleary