Occurrence Management System

Information around incidents and defects is critical to improving our safety outcomes.  As they say, “What you don’t know, you don’t know”.

It could be that knowledge of what happened somewhere – whether it be associated with building, maintenance, equipment or operations – may help someone avoid the same occurrence. By submitting a report, your contribution to our Community knowledge may well prevent what you experienced happening to someone else.  Why would you not want help your mates out?  Let them know before it happens to them.

“Near misses” are important too. This doen’t just mean a near miss in the air – it could be a landing at strip where unusual local conditions conspired to making the landing awkward; it could be the use of a tool that nearly caused an issue; it could be the beginnings of a crack found in part of an airframe or component of the aircraft. Essentially, things that were found or experienced that COULD have lead to something worse. Let people know through Occurrence Management System.

Please use the links below to navigate to the Occurrence Management System reporting forms, and to review either SAAA or RAAus report summaries.