Lyndale Secondary College – Updates and Photo Gallery

If you have missed any updates from Lyndale Secondary College, they are here for you to view at your leisure.

Update received from Brian Ham & Ray Taylor (Project Managers)

The wing is complete and now in Narromine.

MAY 2021

All the top and bottom wing skins have been installed along with the wing walk doubler.  The stall warning switch and landing light have been installed and tested for correct operation. The Flaperon is completed and ready for installation to the wing.

We are now working on the wing tip skins and hand hold.

Recent progress has been good, and we have reduced the student numbers to four students for each session.

The donated RV12 Trailer was delivered by Stuart Trist to CH 18 President David Robbins who is carrying out some welding repairs to the draw bar before transporting it to the school next week.  We have made contact with DSI Panels, who will be painting the wing and we anticipate that the painting will be carried out in early June.

We then plan to drive the trailer and completed wing to Narromine in July.

MARCH 2021

2021 started with the news that the Co – ordinating teacher, Sabine Joseph had left and taken up a position at another college.  We contacted the School Principal Pam Robinson and had a meeting.  This year we warmly welcome three new teachers on board.

Just like WA, Victoria commenced a five-day lockdown on Friday Feb 12, and we were not able to start back in the workshop until 2/03/2021.

We have commenced the build again and  we have the Flaperon ready for closing and will arrange a TC visit for next week and all the ribs and stub spars etc are installed on the wing ready for skins.

On another note, we have had a RV12 trailer donated to us by SAAA member John Allen.  Our heartfelt thanks go to John for this very generous donation and will assist with the transportation of the RV12 to Narromine.  The trailer will be stored at Lyndale in the next few weeks.

We have yet to find a friendly spray-painting company, but the school and the local community are working on it

Now that we are back on track, we are confident of making good progress.


This week before school has finished for the year, Lyndale had a visit from their local Minister, Julian Hill MP.  He seem’s impressed with our build! Lyndale Secondary Student, Alex Parisella was bored in lockdown and decided to write to the Prime Minister about our build project.  Little did he know that he would get a response!



Because of the Covid 19 restrictions, we have not been able to conduct any workshop sessions with the students.

The students have still been meeting online for 1.5 hours every Tuesday and Thursday and Ray Taylor and myself have been joining in to help with guidance and information.

This month the motivation has been assisted by some guest speakers attending the online classes.

  1. Kathy Mexted talked about her life in aviation and her role as editor of Airsport. She also spoke about journalism and is now mentoring one of the students in writing articles.
  2. Young pilot, Jack Ferguson from NSW spoke to us about his love of aviation and achieving his license at a very early age.
  3. John Smith joined us with a power point presentation of the construction process of his Lancair Legacy and how he involved the students from a local school in Perth.

Restrictions have been eased and the students classes have resumed.

Lyndale Secondary Student, Alex Parisella was bored in


Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, Lyndale Secondary students could not attend the school and physically work on the build, however, we have all been very enthusiastic about the project and committed to continuing the project online via Microsoft Teams.

Before the abrupt implementation of Stage 4 lockdown, the Lyndale team decided to meet up at the school and watched a time lapse video on building the RV-12 wing. We met one of our Mentors, Brian, who discussed some of the parts of the wing and allowed us to practice cleeco installation. We were all provided a printed copy of the General Information section of the Plane Build Overview for future reference.

The following week we met our other mentor, Ray, using Microsoft Teams and read the Plane Build Overview General Information section creating a presentation to summarise the information required to understand terms and physical skills required for the build process.

Since then we have started looking at the build drawings to recognised different parts and the assembly sequence.

The team wishes to thank our mentors and generous sponsors
Aruzou Alizadah
Lyndale Build Team



The aircraft kit has arrived in Melbourne.  Huge thanks to Brian Ham and Ray Taylor for splitting the kit ready for Lyndale Secondary College to start and sending the rest of the parts to Queensland.

JULY 2020

Ray and Brian our mentors have visited Lyndale a few times already to have discussions around what is needed in the build room as well as informing both myself and Jennifer Ramus about details on how the project will run.  The students that will be working on one of the wings and are part of Lyndale’s STEM program.  The students are happy the kit has arrived and are very enthusiastic about starting the project on the RV-12 aircraft.

We would like to thank Hans Gouws for donating these starter kits.  These will allow our Lyndale students to get an understanding of the processes and skills needed before embarking on the real thing.