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Sport Aircraft Association of Australia


We are a group of aviation enthusiasts, assisting each other to build, maintain and operate sport aircraft. We educate our members to continuously improve safety outcomes.


Thank you to our dedicated Members who go above and beyond every day:

QLD:  Myles Breitkreutz, John Butler, Victor Craig, Graeme Lean, John Keen, Rodger Connolly, John Corvino, Stan Lewis, Peter Pretorius, Rob Fraser, Peter Leonard  VIC: Brian Ham, Ray Taylor, Pillipe Boulete, Dina and Oleg Deshin, Norm Edmonds, Dave Evans, Peter Grieger, Dave Robbins, Allan Searle, Stuart Trist, Stephen Van der Velden, Barry Wald, Rod Ward  WA: John Browne, John Bullock, Barry Collins, Brian Davies, Richard Ewing, Glen Fuller, Shirley Harding, Bo Hannington, Julie Johnson, Paul Johnson, Bill Keehner, Chris McGough, Robert Melis, Malcolm Vivian, Bruce Watson, Tony White  NSW: Peter Bates, Steve Howson, John MacCallum, Sam Richards


This is a momentous day! Civil Aviation Safety Authority has today announced details of it's technical working group and public consultation for the long-overdue 'Self-declared Medical Certificate for Pilots'. "The SAAA Board in conjunction with AOPA and AGAA members...


Please see the message below from SAAA Member John Cleary, Chapter 4 re NSW DPIE  Tallawarra B approval decision, ePetition. Dear all, If you are willing and able to forward this message to family and friends to support this petition, the following has all the...

Pilot Medical Reform: Sport Aircraft Association of Australia – Executive Briefing

AOPA Australia extends our sincere thanks and appreciation to the Executive Committee members of the Sport Aircraft Association of Australia, for the opportunity to meet this past Saturday, 23rd October, to discuss Pilot Medical Reform. Over the past five years our...

If you’re thinking about building your own aircraft, then the SAAA is your best starting point.

SAAA is likely the most cost effective & expert supported environment to build, maintain & fly Experimental Category aircraft.

Check out our aircraft build support program, and our type transition and re-current flight training program – SAAA supports Members with aircraft builds, flight ops and maintenance.

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