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Sport Aircraft Association of Australia

1955 to 2020 – Celebrating 65 years of aviation excellence

We are a group of aviation enthusiasts, assisting each other to build, maintain and operate sport aircraft. We educate our members to continuously improve safety outcomes.

Member Notam – November 2020

Our latest Member Notam for November has been emailed! We cover the following: • Reminder - Occurence Reporting System • Vans Aircraft Service Bulletin RV-10 • CASA - Airworthiness Bulletins & Regulatory Wrap-Ups

Advertisement – Lock Chocks

Lock Chocks have a unique system designed to fit your wheels for maximum contact surface and will not allow your aeroplane to move when chocked, they're locked. For more information please read the Lock Chocks Flyer  

CONGRATULATIONS to Peter Leonard and Bruce Towns

At our SAAA AGM, our President Tony White announced the award of Life Membership to Peter Leonard and Bruce Towns. Each announcement was greeted with a round of applause by the meeting attendees. Congratulations to you both - well deserved! The SAAA...

Flutter is Real

Very few pilots will have experienced flutter. It can present as a small vibration associated with, for example, a trim tab as it reacts with a control surface. Or it can present as violent shaking of the airframe which can destroy an aircraft in a very short time,...

SAAA Build Project – June 2020 Update

As we come out of COVID isolation and restrictions start to lift,  we are getting ready for our build and it's time for an update on what is happening with the SAAA Build Project. The team has been busy!  In our last update we advised who our sponsors were at the time...

If you’re thinking about building your own aircraft, then the SAAA is your best starting point.

SAAA is likely the most cost effective & expert supported environment to build, maintain & fly Experimental Category aircraft.

Check out our aircraft build support program, and our type transition and re-current flight training program – SAAA supports Members with aircraft builds, flight ops and maintenance.

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