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We are a group of aviation enthusiasts, assisting each other to build, maintain and operate sport aircraft. We educate our members to continuously improve safety outcomes.

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AusFly 2019 – All Aviators Under One Sky! Registrations Opening Soon

Narromine, 17th - 20th October 2019 Update - planning is now running full steam ahead. Just over 4 months to run to AusFly 2019! Registrations will be opening soon; and these will also be asking for you to select which of the social functions you wish to attend - this...

Safety Bulletin – Superior XP-382 and XP-400 Engines Grounded – Effective 1st March 2019

Superior Air Parts announced that it is implementing an immediate and mandatory buy-back program for all XP-382 and XP-400 experimental engines. The mandatory recall comes after a lengthy evaluation and testing process following identification of detonation problems...

Technical Bulletin – Changes to SAAA Flight Test Guide & Cards – Stall Recovery

Late November 2018, one of our Members who is an experienced experimental aircraft test pilot suggested some changes to some of the advice shown within the SAAA Flight Test Guide book, and Test Cards. Specifically, with regard to stalling the aircraft and use of full...

Flight Ops Support for SAAA Members Climbs to New Levels!

A new Flight Safety Advisor program that now includes Type Transition & Re-current Flight Training – “delivered by SAAA Members who know our planes best” Many of our Members will be aware of this project, and if you were at AusFly in October, you will likely have...

AGAA representatives front Senate Hearing Committee – 19th November 2019

Comparing and contrasting medical and other standards for pilots within the self-administered sector against those of CASA-regulated pilots. AGAA representatives from AOPA, SAAA, AMROBA and GFA attended and provided evidence to the Rural & Regional Affairs &...

If you’re thinking about building your own aircraft, then the SAAA is your best starting point.

SAAA is likely the most cost effective & expert supported environment to build, maintain & fly Experimental Category aircraft.

Check out our aircraft build support program, and our type transition and re-current flight training program – SAAA supports Members with aircraft builds, flight ops and maintenance.

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