A range of opportunities to learn, do more and stay safe through SAAA education



Irrespective of whether these are CASA accepted or not, SAAA courses comprise a structured delivery of information, and constitute training where course documents include a syllabus or content, a set of outcomes, and may include a statement of limitations and qualifications, competencies or privileges that may be conferred on participants.

The two most important courses SAAA offers are :-

    Maintenance Procedures Course (MPC)

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The Maintenance Procedures course (MPC) is a CASA accepted course


    Weight & Balance Course (W&B)

The Weight & Balance (W&B) course curriculum is offered as part of the Maintenance Procedures course (MPC)


  Workshops & Seminars

Workshops and Seminars are generally developed and delivered at the Chapter level


  Informal – Builder’s Nights, Hangar Talks

These activities go hand in hand with working together as a Community