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** Members should proceed to the SAAA Members Support Team page for full details of our various Advisors and their locations **

The SAAA Chapters are our “community hubs” where technical help and support, and friendship and social and flying activities abound.

There are around 100 dedicated Members appointed to specific support roles and a handful of committed staff who stand ready to give SAAA Members the best build, maintenance, flying and sport aviation experience ever!

You name it, there are many amongst our nationwide community who have huge experience to offer around just about anything aviation, including:

  • – Buying an aircraft
  • – Selecting an aircraft to build
  • – Building and maintaining an aircraft
  • – Flight training and currency
  • – Selling an aircraft


Providing specific support mainly as volunteers to our Members, we have:

  • – Technical Counsellors (TCs):  Build support – project visits, documentation, maintenance, and risk assessment
  • – Authorised Persons (APs): Issuance of Special Certificates of Airworthiness
  • – Flight Safety Advisors (FSAs): Ground support – aircraft selection, flight safety systems, training plans, flight test planning and analysis, and risk assessment
  • Approved Test Pilots (ATPs): Conduct of maiden / early test flights of new / re-furbished aircraft
  •  – Flight Instructors (SAAA Accredited Instructors): Type transition training
  • Safety Pilots and Mentoring Flight Trainers (MFTs): Experienced pilots helping to build confidence


We also have a number of senior experienced professionals who provide guidance in the general areas of Construction & Maintenance, Flight Operations and Safety.


The entire Member Support Team is guided and managed by our National Councillors. And we have our Member Support Services Team there to help all of our Members with administration and other general guidance.


By talking to these people – you will get the most from being an SAAA Member!


To find your nearest SAAA point of contact – it’s as easy as taking a look at the SAAA – Chapter & Member Locations map here:

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For privacy reasons, only the suburb, post code, state and Membership Number of current SAAA Members is displayed – should you wish to contact a current SAAA Member, simply contact SAAA Member Services at or submit a ticket and our Member Services Team will put you in touch.

If you would like to contact a particular Chapter, the Chapter President’s name and email address are provided should you wish to make direct contact. And likewise – contact details are provided here for our advisors. If you need any help with making contact – just contact our Member Services Team at or Submit a Ticket.