Narromine High School – Updates and Photo Gallery

If you have missed any updates from Narromine High School, they are here for you to view at your leisure.

APRIL 2022

The fuselage left Jandakot (WA) and arrived safely in Narromine a few weeks ago.

SAAA member and Project Manager John MacCallum, Chapter 38 members and the Narromine High School students are working on bringing the plane together.  The below photos were taken this week.  Miss Tori is coming together nicely.

A big thank you to Dina and Oleg Deshin for driving the RV12 Trailer and the wing from Lyndale Secondary College to Narromine.  .


The empennage and right wing from our Queenland schools (Burnside State High School and Mueller College) have arrived in Narromine.  SAAA Member and Mentor Graeme Lean went above and beyond for us and drove the components to Narromine.  Thank you so much Graeme.  Here are some photo’s of the journey.

We now await the left wing from Victoria to make it’s journey.  Once the fuselage is complete in Perth (should be soon), we can get everything painted and the plane assembled.

MAY 2021

Narromine High is progressing well with construction of the Horizontal Stabiliser of our RV7. The rear spar has been matched drilled and we are now working on the front Spar.

On Friday 30th April, Andrew Greste and John took their planes over to the SAAA office at Narromine Airport for a show and tell session with the Students.


MARCH 2021

When we finished off last year most of the Students that were involved left to gain Apprenticeships in the local area.  The boys all thanked me for our efforts and their involvement and so I wished them all well for their future.

This year we have a new group of 7, Year 10, students. 6 Boys and 1 girl.

I had a briefing session with the students last week and I have organised our first session to commence this week.

The RV 7 Empennage is at the School and some basic training with the students will be carried out with our practice kits before we launch into the real thing.



Welcome Narromine High School!  Narromine will be involved in the integration of the plane once all components are built.  In the meantime they have a RV7 empennage project to keep them involved. Here is the first update from Project Manager – John MacCallum

At the end of September I met with 6 pupils from year 10 at Narromine High School and presented to them an outline of the Youth Build Project.  I took along some photos and some components from the Rv7 to show them and they all seemed interested to become involved. As School has returned for the last term of the year, I will see what times the school can make available. I did express a preference for a couple of double periods a week if that is possible and I will have to see what the school can organise. I have received the missing Empennage Skins and Spars from Vans plus some practice Wing section kits and a Toolbox kit.   The SAAA Narromine Workshop has a few tools and I have a few tools I can lend. We will have enough Clecos from my supply, but we will need another two air drills and 4 pairs of Cleco Pliers.