Narromine High School – Updates and Photo Gallery

If you have missed any updates from Narromine High School, they are here for you to view at your leisure.


Welcome Narromine High School!  Narromine will be involved in the integration of the plane once all components are built.  In the meantime they have a RV7 empennage project to keep them involved. Here is the first update from Project Manager – John MacCallum

At the end of September I met with 6 pupils from year 10 at Narromine High School and presented to them an outline of the Youth Build Project.  I took along some photos and some components from the Rv7 to show them and they all seemed interested to become involved. As School has returned for the last term of the year, I will see what times the school can make available. I did express a preference for a couple of double periods a week if that is possible and I will have to see what the school can organise. I have received the missing Empennage Skins and Spars from Vans plus some practice Wing section kits and a Toolbox kit.   The SAAA Narromine Workshop has a few tools and I have a few tools I can lend. We will have enough Clecos from my supply, but we will need another two air drills and 4 pairs of Cleco Pliers.