Safety Management System

Mission First, Safety Always!

Safety is SAAA’s top priority. We have a framework and systems to help keep us all safe.

The SAAA safety program is drawn together under our Safety Management System (SMS). In practical terms, this offers an Occurrence Management System (OMS) that allows sharing and learning about accidents, incidents and defects; Risk Radar (RRAv) which is a life of project and pilot risk assessment system; and our Member Support Program (MSP) which provides for assisting members to improve safety outcomes through guidance and learning through building to flying operations.

The SAAA SMS is designed to maintain a culture of safety awareness through practices, systems, engagement and feedback that delivers best practice or better safety outcomes.  Members may access the guide from the Technical Reference Centre

At its heart are the “four pillars” of our safety risk management being:

The SAAA Member Support Program is an integral part of our Safety Promotion – it comprises a package of 5 programs designed to improve safety outcomes for SAAA Member builders and pilots.