Temora High School – Updates and Photo Gallery

If you have missed any updates from Temora High School, they are here for you to view at your leisure.

 Unfortunately due to the COVID19 pandemic, and our mentors working on their own planes we were unable to finish the project.

RV12 EMPENNAGE PROJECT – Update from Brett Inch – Teacher

Our Aviation students continue to apply themselves to the RV training kits and are nearing completion. We are looking forward to next year and working on the empennage for the RV12 with our mentors. We will continue to develop our tooling for the project and the students have enjoyed learning the new methods and the exacting nature of the build. The dimpling and back riveting have been favourites of the students as they don’t normally get to experience this method of joining metal and construction.

We will be making a plan for the empennage kit to start next year and ensuring we have the necessary tooling for the job. The build will be scheduled to start in first term next year with the aim of completing it by the end of 2022. The students are keen to get started on the empennage kit and put their new skills to use.

The other supervising teacher (Jake Kilgannon) and I completed the same kits under the watchful eye and excellent teaching of Sam Richards and Simon Pike and are better equipped to help our students and understand the mistakes (not that we made any!) that can happen.




Students at Temora High are excited to be back into the SAAA RV12 project build. The Covid lockdown and restrictions have made it difficult to keep the project moving forward but now that restrictions are lifting we are glad to have visitors (Vacc’d and masked) back on site.

The students have been working on developing skills through the RV12 aileron training kit and have been able to learn about the different riveting techniques required in this build.

Kate is our first to complete one of the training pieces for our empennage build.

Over the coming weeks we will be introducing some other students into the group to ensure that we keep the momentum going next year. This should develop a strong collaborative learning and building environment for the continuation of the project.

The local mentors and supporters have been an awesome asset to the project and the students have enjoyed learning from them and hearing some great stories. The high level of skill required for the sheet metal work and the attention to detail has been an eye opener for the students. The mentors have also enjoyed working with the students and seeing them progressing through the training kits and learning new skills.


he program has started with six students and the school has had interest from several others.  The students have started  working on the aileron training kit and are becoming familiar with the tooling and techniques required for working in the aviation industry.  The students do not have the opportunity to work with aluminum very often and are learning the different techniques required.

COVID restrictions have made the start of term difficult and hope to overcome these hurdles.  Tooling is something the school is working on as many of them are specialised and/or imperial, in saying that the students are enjoying the new challenges.


JUNE 2021

The Temora students have started work on their kits to learn how to use the tools needed to build the empennage.  They are enthusiastic and eager.  We are looking forward to seeing some photo’s of their project before they start the empennage.


Temora were going to build the Murphy Rebel.  With sponsorship for this project secured by a number of players, including the Temora Aviation Museum, the project had all of the hallmarks of success.  Sadly, however, close inspection of this aircraft’s structure and condition indicated it was not suitable for completion. As the team had been established and were “ready to go”, SAAA approved the purchase of a second empennage kit to allow the Temora High School youngsters to keep going – this represented the lowest cost exposure to proceed, other than not at all. This does not constitute approval of a second project, however, if a second project is approved then of course the empennage being built at Temora will form part of a second project. Otherwise the empennage will be sold. Teacher Brett Inch and Regional Project Managers Malcolm Bennett and Mike Holloway are thrilled and are working together to prepare for the arrival of the empennage due around February 2021 all being well.



We have been very fortunate to have an aircraft donated to us.  A big thank you to Peter Yore who donated his part built Murphy Rebel to our SAAA Sponsored Youth Build and Fly Project.  This will run alongside our RV12 build.

Temora High School are taking on this build and we are absolutely delighted to have lead teacher, Brett Inch and his students on board. Temora High School is a comprehensive high school in the Riverina region of New South Wales. The town has a strong aviation background, being a site for a RAAF training squadron during WWII and the current site for Temora Aviation Museum which boasts 2 flying spitfires.

The school has an enrolment of approx. 350 students across years 7 – 10. The school has enjoyed considerable success in sporting, cultural, academic and trade skills areas. Students are offered the opportunity to pursue many different interests and career paths. The addition of the Murphy Rebel project to these opportunities shows the school’s commitment to delivering and expanding on opportunities for the students. Temora High is honoured and proud to be a part of the SAAA’s school build program and look forward to keeping its members updated with our progress

We also welcome Temora Aviation Museum as sponsors, we thank Peter Harper and everyone at the museum for your generosity and support for this build.

This morning, Temora High School took delivery of the Murphy Rebel.  We will keep you updated of progress via this page, NOTAM’s and our Facebook page.