Temora High School – Updates and Photo Gallery

If you have missed any updates from Temora High School, they are here for you to view at your leisure.



We have been very fortunate to have an aircraft donated to us.  A big thank you to Peter Yore who donated his part built Murphy Rebel to our SAAA Sponsored Youth Build and Fly Project.  This will run alongside our RV12 build.

Temora High School are taking on this build and we are absolutely delighted to have lead teacher, Brett Inch and his students on board. Temora High School is a comprehensive high school in the Riverina region of New South Wales. The town has a strong aviation background, being a site for a RAAF training squadron during WWII and the current site for Temora Aviation Museum which boasts 2 flying spitfires.

The school has an enrolment of approx. 350 students across years 7 – 10. The school has enjoyed considerable success in sporting, cultural, academic and trade skills areas. Students are offered the opportunity to pursue many different interests and career paths. The addition of the Murphy Rebel project to these opportunities shows the school’s commitment to delivering and expanding on opportunities for the students. Temora High is honoured and proud to be a part of the SAAA’s school build program and look forward to keeping its members updated with our progress

We also welcome Temora Aviation Museum as sponsors, we thank Peter Harper and everyone at the museum for your generosity and support for this build.

This morning, Temora High School took delivery of the Murphy Rebel.  We will keep you updated of progress via this page, NOTAM’s and our Facebook page.