Our Culture

We are a Community of aviation enthusiasts who simply love building and flying wonderful sport aircraft.

What is special about SAAA is the comradery that pervades our organisation through the Chapter networks. The Members help each other out in so many ways – advice, guidance, moral support and hands on assistance around building, flying, maintenance, events and much more.

There are several important roles within the organisation, from the Management Team through to the many Members operating as Authorised Persons and expert advisors, who willingly offer their services to the organisation as volunteers.

Many of our Members have built several aircraft, have flight experience on multiple aircraft types and configurations with thousands of general aviation hours of experience behind them. And many are current or retired professional aviators and industry participants. Pretty much any type of aircraft you may want to build or fly – there will almost certainly be someone within our community that has been there before.

Between us all – we know about sport aircraft!

The social side of the community is highly valued – informal gatherings, BBQs, and other social events organised within the Chapters and there are regular national and regional fly-ins which are a great way to fly more and catch-up with friends, other aviators and industry supporters.

This is the fabric of SAAA – its community spirit and willingness amongst its membership to help each other in spades.