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SAAA shop products are heavily discounted for SAAA Members. Non-Members are welcome to purchase most products, although premiums are applied to published prices offered to Members.

Services relating to Special Certificate of Airworthiness/Experimental Certificate items and enrolment in the Maintenance Procedures Course (MPC) are only available to SAAA Members. Subsequent to purchase, the purchaser must also be a financial member of the SAAA at the time of receiving a service or attending a course.

A note for Members:  Please make sure you are “Logged In” to the SAAA site to ensure you take advantage of the Member benefits and prices.



Special Certificate of Airworthiness/Experimental Certificate Items

Aircraft Documents

Aircraft Placards


Maintenance Procedures Course (MPC)

This course is available to those wishing to complete the course for the first time (“initial”) and those wish to refresh their knowledge and be updated on, for example, any changes to legislation.  The syllabus is, however, the same for both the “initial” and “refresher” attendees and so all are invited to attend the same course events.

The “refresher” course fees are heavily discounted, and course attendance is free for Technical Counsellors.

To make booking to attend one of of the many courses held around the country each year, please follow this link to make a booking:

Maintenance Procedures Course Program





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