Announced at our SAF and SAAA AGM this afternoon – 9th October 2021.

SAAA members now have more choice with their insurance to meet their aviation requirements. We are very pleased to announce that we have renegotiated an improved insurance offering with QBE Insurance for our Members.

We have over the last four or five years, worked with QBE to improve / clarify the offer to SAAA members. This includes endeavoring to increase the recognition by the underwriter of the benefits of the SAAA Member Support Program, which translates into improved safety outcomes and hence less risk to the underwriter and of course to SAAA members who participate in the SAAA Member Support Program. From a financial perspective, this translates to reduced premiums for SAAA members.

SAAA National President, Tony White, announced this afternoon the great news of the transformed QBE Insurance Offer for SAAA Members.

“I’m very pleased to announce the launch of the transformed QBE aircraft insurance offer to SAAA Members. The most significant aspect of this, and of which I am especially proud of as should also be all SAAA members, is that as a result of the improving trend in reduced incidents and accidents over recent years – and hence claims, QBE is now able to reduce the risk rating applicable to experimental aircraft in the SAAA fleet. This sort of thing does not happen overnight, and it is a credit to everybody that this outcome has been achieved. This of course directly reduces policy premiums offered by QBE for SAAA Members who participate in the SAAA Member Support Program. Other features of the transformed offer, include a greater focus on tailoring policy cover to more precisely meet each member’s particular requirements. There are also some new cover options, such as, for workshop tools and Tran-Tasman operations.

I would encourage all SAAA Members who do not currently insure their aircraft through the QBE offer to SAAA Members to, as they approach existing policy renewal, pick up the phone and call QBE – tell them that you are an SAAA member and ask for a quotation. Please be sure that you request a quotation that is as they say “apples and apples” with the terms of your existing policy.

And even if not an SAAA Member, QBE are happy to provide a quote, but that of course would be valid on being a member of the SAAA.

So make the call and find out if it works for you.”


All the details of this announcement are in the Spring edition of AirSport which will be with you in the next few days.  In the meantime you can click here for more information.