Flutter is Real

Very few pilots will have experienced flutter. It can present as a small vibration associated with, for example, a trim tab as it reacts with a control surface. Or it can present as violent shaking of the airframe which can destroy an aircraft in a very short time,...

SAAA Build Project – June 2020 Update

As we come out of COVID isolation and restrictions start to lift,  we are getting ready for our build and it’s time for an update on what is happening with the SAAA Build Project. The team has been busy!  In our last update we advised who our sponsors were at...

CASA Exemptions

Today CASA have issued a statement with regards to their CASA Exemptions.  Please click here for full details

Wings Over Illawarra 2020

The Wings Over Illawarra event is taking place 7th & 8th November 2020. https://www.wingsoverillawarra.com.au/ Click here for more details on flying in, camping and exhibitor information.

AusFly 2019 – What a great event!

Ausfly 2019 has taken place and it was a great event with fantastic feedback from the attendees.  We had over 250 planes fly in and join us. Dinner under the stars had 300 attendees and the atmosphere was relaxed and very upbeat, all aviators were catching up with...