QBE Insurance Offer for SAAA Members

Attractive terms and pricing for SAAA members

Adequate insurance has long been a difficult problem for owners and builders of recreational aircraft, particularly amateur built aircraft. SAAA and QBE Insurance have worked together to create a competitive offer that affords policy owners attractive cover at competitive rates in return for enhanced commitment to improved safety outcomes.

Participation in the offer does, however, require a Member to participate in the Member Support Program (MSP). This is simply because when a Member participates in the MSP, they make a commitment to doing a number of things that aim to improve safety outcomes. This naturally provides the foundation for QBE Insurance to reward MSP participants with :

  • – Discounted premiums
  • – Additional policy benefits, such as Hangar Keepers insurance included
  • – Instalment payment options
  • – Parts only options – note this option still provides for engine rebuilds and top end avionics repairs that must be carried out by certified repairers)

For over two decades, QBE and SAAA have worked together with a shared commitment to improving safety outcomes in the sports aviation sector.  QBE is committed to SAAA and its Members, and SAAA is committed to cultivating the conditions to help keep its Members safe. QBE has enthusiastically and generously supported this approach. The QBE Insurance Offer for SAAA Members is the result.

Whilst there have been minor adjustments and enhancements over the years, the QBE Insurance Offer for SAAA Members has effective 9th October 2021 been transformed to accommodate:

  • – Redesign of the structure and cover options so that SAAA Members can better tailor the scope of their policies to their needs
  • – Introduction of some new cover options such as for Tools and Trans-Tasman flights
  • – Amended the risk rating to reflect the improved safety and claims record of SAAA Members over recent years


QBE’s recognition of the improvement in safety outcomes demonstrated by SAAA Members in recent years is a credit to SAAA Members, the SAAA support teams and QBE for their collective commitment to investing in safety.

QBE Insurance will work with you to tailor your policy cover to suit your needs – it is important to have a conversation to ensure you understand what you are getting and pay for exactly what you want.

Please bear in mind that premiums are not solely based on parameters such as insured value, aircraft type and the extent of cover options selected. In determining policy premiums, QBE Insurance takes into consideration a number of other factors including, but not limited to: relevant pilot total experience and experience on the aircraft type to be insured, currency, training and qualifications, incident / accident history and extent of commitment to the SAAA Member Support Program.

Be sure to check out and accurately compare what a QBE policy content offers before making a decision.

Certificates of participation and QBE notifications of participation are generated on-line on this website via the respective sections within the Member Support Program page, or by visiting My Courses.


In accordance with SAAA’s agreement with QBE, we are required to advise you specifically, in relation to the QBE Insurance offer for SAAA Members, that:

a) QBE is able to issue the Insurance Products

(b) you may contact QBE Aviation either by phone 03 8602 9900 or by email at aviation.admin@qbe.com

(c) SAAA may receive a Commission from QBE if you take out an Insurance Product (relating to the QBE Insurance offer for SAAA Members).

Any commissions received from QBE are applied by SAAA to the costs of meeting SAAA’s commitment to education and improving safety outcomes for its Members by way of engagement of staff and infrastructure to meet these objectives.

In addition, QBE Insurance has been a generous sponsor of AusFly (and in bygone years when this event was run under other names) in a number of ways including event liability insurance and bringing Matt Hall to speak and fly at the event.

When contacting QBE regards aircraft insurance – make sure that you tell them you are an SAAA Member. And if you are not an SAAA Member, QBE will still provide a quote as if you were an SAAA Member, however, the quotation will not be valid unless you become an SAAA Member and participate in the SAAA Member Support Program (MSP).

You can contact QBE directly by calling 03 8602 9900 or sending an email to aviation.admin@qbe.com.        SAAA Members can alternatively request contact from QBE on-line and record their participation in the MSP on-line on the SAAA website via the respective sections within the Member Support Program page, or by visiting My Courses.


Fuel Supply Discounts

Options for convenience and saving on fuel costs for SAAA Members

SAAA refers our members to iOR Aviation, Lowes Air, World Fuel Services (WFS), Skyfuel (AirBP) and Aero Refuellers for access to aviation fuel. As a Member, you have the convenience of access to fuel across the country from all these major distributors.

These offers are only available to financial Members of SAAA. By taking up an offer(s), a Member consents to the exchange of limited membership data between the SAAA, iOR Aviation, Lowes Air, World Fuel Services, Skyfuel and Aero Refuellers as is necessary to confirm entitlement to fuel discounts.

iOR Aviation:

We have successfully negotiated a Member benefit with iOR Aviation that offers 10c per litre discount on all Avgas and Jet A1 fuel purchased using the iOR Aviation fuel FuelCharge app at iOR Aviation operated airport locations. This benefit will be launching soon.

iOR has more than 35 years of experience in fuel distribution within Australia, with skilled and capable staff in the field. The direct involvement of our directors and shareholders in our business drives a culture of superior customer service, continuous improvement, and compliance.

iOR has a substantial network of fuels facilities at airports and is growing every month, where quality aviation fuels product are dispensed from state-of-the-art facilities, either via a tag or via iOR’s FuelCharge app.

Click here for more information and how to apply to receive the fuel discount 

Lowes Air (Air BP):

Following the announcement of Skyfuel being acquired, we are pleased to announce that Lowes Air has joined with SAAA to offer SAAA Financial Members who currently hold a Skyfuel Air BP Card to apply for a Lowes Air card, irrespective if you hold an ABN or not.

Did you know that if you join the Lowes Air Fuel card program, you will still be using bp’s trusted fuel network, whilst still receiving your SAAA membership benefit of 5 cents per litre discount at the pump?

Whilst there are some big changes occurring in the aviation fuel card business, we are excited to introduce Lowes Air to SAAA members – Their bulk delivery logistics cover New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, and Queensland and are backed by almost 50 years of history in Lowes Petroleum. No matter what state you are in, their Aviation card is nationally available through the airbp network.

Click here for more information and how to apply for a card and receive the fuel discount 

World Fuel Services (WFS):

WFS offers attractive fuel discounts to financial SAAA Members at all WFS owned and operated locations in Australia, with a directly-issued World Fuel account/carnet-card.

In addition, the World Fuel carnet-card is also accepted at 80 fuel-partner sites across Australia (i.e. Ampol, Viva and Mobil and some independent providers).

Find complete details and instructions on how to apply for a WFS fuel card here.

Please note: If you currently hold a WFS Fuel Card issued and administered by a third party reseller, this card will not enable access to the discounts offered under the SAAA-WFS Fuel Discount offer. So please ensure you apply directly to WFS


Skyfuel and Viva Energy Australia:

Skyfuel Australia Pty Ltd has been purchased by Viva Energy Australia Ltd.

We have been in contact with Skyfuel and they have confirmed that SAAA Members that have signed up for the SAAA – Skyfuel discount of 5c per litre off will continue. SAAA members will now get 5c off – Skyfuel bowsers and Viva bowsers Australia wide.

Click here for Skyfuel Locations and here for Viva Energy locations

Please note:  If you hold a Skyfuel World Fuel Contract Card the discount does not apply.

Find complete details and instructions on how to apply for a Skyfuel card here.

If you have any questions, contact Skyfuel directly on 02 4657 1255 or email admin@skyfuel.com.au


Aero Refuellers:

Financial SAAA Members receive 5 cents per litre discount from posted retail prices at all Aero Refuellers locations. Please go to their home page to complete their credit account application form.

     AeroRefuellers – Home Page



DarkAero Aerospace Composites Course – SAAA Member Discount

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with DarkAero and successfully negotiated a Member benefit that offers a 10% discount on their Aerospace Composite Course.

The DarkAero Aerospace Composites Course is designed to save you the time, money, and frustration of learning composites while arming you with a skill set for success on your next composites project. You will walk away prepared to design, manufacture, test, and repair your own high-quality composite parts!

SAAA Members who wish to access this service must be a financial member of the SAAA.

Click here to find out more…….


SAAA – McHugh & Eastwood – Member Freight Discount Offer

C&H Freight has a new owner, McHugh and Eastwood (Aust) Pty Ltd.  SAAA has come together with McHugh and Eastwood for your air freight and ocean freight services.  With 40 years in the industry, the 100% Australian owned logistics and freight company has grown extensively through providing our customers with professional, efficient and value for money services that are customised to match their needs and priorities.

SAAA Members can benefit from favourable air freight and ocean freight services by receiving a one per annum 20% discount (up to a maximum of $500)*.  You can now purchase your aircraft kit or parts, with piece of mind that McHugh and Eastwood’s commitment to meeting your needs is their number one priority.

Click here to find out more…….


Member Air Assist

SAAA Members helping fellow aviators when they need assistance

SAAA Member Air Assist is all about connecting SAAA Members with each other when travelling away from home base, and knowing that in many regional centres around the country, there will be SAAA Members ready to help wherever you may be:

  • – Local tips on airports, procedures and weather
  • – Looking for somewhere to park your aircraft undercover
  • – Needing to borrow some tools and a spot to do an oil change or other maintenance
  • – Help in case of an issue that renders your aircraft unserviceable
  • – Help in case of an accident

“Friendly and practical advice and help available to SAAA Members”.  Click here to find out more…….


Light Aircraft Sales – SAAA Member Offer

SAAA and Light Aircraft Sales have been partnered since 2022 to bring SAAA Members a great deal when buying or selling aircraft.

This year, Light Aircraft Sales has a fantastic self-list option for members considering selling their aircraft, saving $47.00! The website is fast, user-friendly and gets significant traffic daily.

Self-list your aircraft with Light Aircraft Sales and get a COMPLIMENTARY upgrade to a Featured Listing (normally $47.00), until SOLD!

  • No credit card required
  • Advertise until sold
  • Upload 20 high quality photos
  • Upload your maintenance logbooks

Click here to find out more…….


Technical Support Team

Professionals ready to advise SAAA Members

Although there is a wealth of knowledge and experience residing amongst the Membership, SAAA is building a (non-volunteer) Technical Support Team to provide professional advice and support to Members and the Management Team. These persons are a valuable addition beyond support available amongst the Membership community and volunteer advisors.

For technical support:

Safety – Martin Daniell

email: Martin.Daniell@saaa.com

Construction & Maintenance / Regulatory Matters – Norm Edmunds

email: Norm.Edmunds@saaa.com



Member Offered Skill Support


Professionals ready to advise SAAA Members

The Member Offered Skill Support initiative commenced in early 2017. Recognition of the extraordinary collective capabilities of Members both in their aviation worlds and in other professional lives was brought to bear.

SAAA is a not-for-profit organisation with almost all of the Management Team and many technical contributions required to support day to day SAAA business provided by volunteers who don’t have endless hours or skills. So, the simple question was asked – who else can and would like to help in any way whatsoever?

The outcome was outstanding – we now have over 120 Members who offered their services and skills to help “do SAAA business” – from experienced metal, composite or timber builders to those with senior management and business experience, auditing skill, regulatory skills, flight operations to insurance – the list goes on. Many of these volunteers have already been contributing, and others are identified and stand ready to start.

The Member Offered Skill Support will be further developed to enable Members to go online and find someone who can help them out – ideally close by.

In the meantime, if you are looking for some help in any of the following categories, enquire through our Head Office:

  • – Business Management
  • – Safety
  • – Construction & Maintenance
  • – Flight Operations
  • – Training
  • – Technical & Regulatory
  • – IT & Administration



Foreign Exchange 

Great saving on forex and freight services available to SAAA Members

Building and operating an aircraft will almost certainly involve purchasing goods from overseas – not least of which may well be a complete aircraft kit, or an engine. Then of course goods will need to be freighted at some stage or other internationally or domestically.

The Foreign Exchange and Freight services available to Members under special terms are outstanding products that can save thousands of dollars over the life of a project.

    Foreign Exchange

SAAA has partnered with OFX (formally OzForex) to provide Members with discounted foreign exchange services

Using OFX to buy your kit components overseas will typically save you hundreds of dollars over your local bank or credit card. For those that are already flying, you can still save on the purchase of parts and equipment overseas. You can even register an account in your business name if you wish.

New accounts opened by SAAA members can opened using the registration here [ Register ]. This will enable your new account to be tagged as being part of the OFX-SAAA offer, whereby OFX will waive their standard transaction fees for transfers of over $250.

By using OFX you will also enjoy:

  • – No receiving bank fees in most countries (including the USA where the majority of our kit components are purchased)
  • – Extremely competitive foreign exchange rates across over 55 currencies
  • – Online access 24/7
  • – Access to a dedicated Dealer by phone
  • – Exchange rate alerts via email Access to OFX’s highly regarded daily and weekly “Market Commentary”
  • – Complete exchange rate transparency
  • – Risk management tools through Limit Orders and Forward Exchange Contracts

Registration is FREE and you can view live dealing rates immediately.

By using this service, you will also be contributing to the SAAA as OFX will make a small donation from each transaction back to the SAAA, which can used to support services to our members.

For single transactions over $100k we have a dedicated partner account manager who will make sure you get the best rate possible. Please contact the SAAA office if you need this service.

For further information visit the Ozforex website or contact their Sydney team directly:

Website:     https://www.ofx.com/en-au/

Phone:       1300 300 424 (Local call)       +61 2 8667 8090 (International) 


  National and Regional Events

Opportunities to catch-up with the broader community, catch up with friends, learn and have fun

Each year the SAAA hosts a ‟National Event”. The venue may change from time to time, and may sometimes be operated in partnership with other organisations. The Event gives members from across the nation an opportunity to fly in and show off their latest creations to industry, members of the public, their fellow Members and other aviators. This event includes the opportunity for face to face meetings with like-minded members and management team members, learning from seminars and workshops, participating in aircraft build awards and just enjoying the spirit of the SAAA community and sport aviation.

SAAA also participates in a number of regional events such as Avalon and Wings of Illawarra, and there are numerous other events often hosted by SAAA Chapters or fellow Member organisation.

Opportunities to fly your aircraft, often in company of fellow aviators, and connect with the aviation community and friends abound. think of a place to go; let everyone know; and you’ll very likely have company. Please use the SAAA Community Forum to share your ideas for “flying places” or to see what others have in mind – make it happen!  


  SAAA Fly-in Guidelines and Risk Management

Documentation for Chapters and Members to organise their own Fly-Ins

The SAAA has developed a comprehensive guide for the conduct of a fly-in by members. Normally this guide is aimed at Chapters, however it provides a wealth of detail for any fly-in. The aim is risk reduction and safe outcomes for all participants whether they fly, drive or walk to the event.

Conforming to the guide is a requirement by any SAAA membership group undertaking this activity in order to benefit from SAAA’s insurance cover available for such events.

In addition to the actual SAAA Fly-In Guidelines, there is a companion Risk Management Plan. This document provides a template that should be used to allow the organisers to address safety issues related to the Fly-In. It should be pointed out that this Risk Management Plan is not a “one size fits all” plan but serves as a template that the organisers should use to address specific issues for their “Fly-In‟.



Working on behalf of Members with the Regulator & other government bodies

The SAAA advocates on behalf of its Members to achieve better outcomes around many issues. Some of the best examples include the privilege to maintain our own aircraft, and the system of SAAA Members appointed by CASA to issue Special Certificates of Air Worthiness.

We are contributing and participating in discussions, reviews and enquiries with both CASA and the Senate around a number of issues including Aviation Medical Certification requirements for our Members, the inequitability of an “unlevel playing field” that has seen the introduction of less onerous medical, flight training, flight instructor qualification and airworthiness rules and standards applicable to aviators that belong to non-CASA administered private organisations, IFR equipment rules for Experimental Category aircraft, developing an environment where SAAA pilots can deliver flight transition and currency training to our Members, and more.

The changes effective April 2018 regards the Class 2 Medical Certificates are a great example of what can be achieved through advocacy; but this does not go far enough. We are confident that more great outcomes will emerge soon.

SAAA representatives regularly sit at the table with the Regulator to best ensure our needs are heard.  We have found over the years that you can’t complain after the fact, and so we must be part of the process. And we are, as is evidenced by the runs on the board.


SAAA Aircraft Scales

Scales available for hire if you are doing your own weight & balance

The SAAA has a number of aircraft scales that are available to members only. The scales are calibrated annually.

Currently there are 2 sets of scales available for hire to Members –  one in Sydney and one in Melbourne, which are looked after by volunteers.  These are available to members for hire at on basis of a fixed one week hire plus additional pro-rate charges beyond one week. Freight costs are to the account of the hirer. Visit the Shop to make a booking.

There are also a number of Chapters that have scales owned by local members and these are available under arrangements with the Chapters.

Remember – if you are planning to do a weight & balance yourself, you must have a current Weight & Balance Certificate (see Training)


Member Knowledge Base

Access to knowledge available only to SAAA Members

The greatest immediate benefit to members is knowledge. SAAA Members have full access to our website providing you constant access to regulatory knowledge, building information and techniques along with contacts for face to face assistance from our many Technical Councillors and other advisors.

Only SAAA Members can access the many years of accumulated Information available to members. The SAAA has been around since 1955 and all that past knowledge is retained for member benefit.

Click here to access the Member only accessible Technical Reference Centre.