Maintenance Procedures Course (MPC) Program

If you are getting close to completion of your project, or want to start doing your own maintenance and don’t have a MPC Certificate, start planning now – the MPC annual programs are issued towards the end of each preceding year – check here to keep abreast of planned dates.

The MPC includes the Weight & Balance segment – so if you want to do your own Weight & Balance, participating in an MPC gives you the legal permission you need – but remember, this is only valid for 2 years. If you need to renew this, here’s your chance. Want to refresh your MPC knowledge – sign up for a refresher. This is offered to current MPC certificate holders at a huge discount. Why not come along, catch up on any legislative changes, share your experiences, and learn form others’ experiences.

The course is available at no charge for SAAA Technical Counsellors (TCs) in recognition of their significant contributions to guiding, advising and supporting our Members through the building of their projects. TCs Рthank you, we all appreciate your contribution!

The course is only available to financial Members of the SAAA. Subsequent to purchase, the purchaser must also be a financial member of the SAAA at the time of receiving a service or attending a course.

2021 MPC Progam: Planning is in progress for the 2021 MPC Program. Please check this webpage in Febuary 2021 for confirmation on dates and venues.


MPC Initial

$550 GST Inclusive

MPC Refresher

$150 GST Inclusive



2021 MPC Program


Narromine: 8th & 9th September 2021 (Wed-Thur) – Attendance tickets will not go on sale until February 2021


Proposed Dates: Brisbane: 1st & 2nd May 2021 (Sat-Sun) – Attendance tickets will not go on sale until Feburary 2021


Planning in progress – To be advised


Planning in progress – To be advised