As we come out of COVID isolation and restrictions start to lift,  we are getting ready for our build and it’s time for an update on what is happening with the SAAA Build Project.

The team has been busy!  In our last update we advised who our sponsors were at the time and the great news is we have two more.  Joining Garmin, SAAA Chapter 24 Jandakot and Swish Projects we gratefully thank C&H Freight and QBE for their support.  C&H Freight are assisting us with bringing the plane to our shores and QBE have covered the insurance for Construction/Ground Risk.

In our last update the RV12 was being crated.  The plane is being shipped to two ports, Melbourne and Fremantle.  The great news is that we have been advised that part of our kit is on the boat and on its way to Melbourne!  It is due to arrive at the end of June and the components will be on their way to the Victorian and Queensland schools as soon as we have clearance.  We are awaiting confirmation of the departure of the WA component, which should be in the coming days.

After our call for tools, we received some donations for all States taking part in the build and we thank our members that have donated so generously.  If anyone else has tools that you can donate please let us know.

The team has been working in the background, getting all the mentors, Regional Project Managers, and schools ready to make a start.

Our mentors have been getting their Working with Children checks and Blue Cards and our Regional Project Managers are now meeting with the schools to make sure all the final details are complete and ready to get started once the plane arrives.

The schools have had a meet and greet meeting over Zoom, and they are excited to get the build underway, as are we.  One of our schools, Mueller College is showcased in the recent Winter edition of Airsport – the comments from the students really highlights their enthusiasm of the build and wanting to be a part of aviation in their future careers.

This is an exciting time and we cannot wait to get started!  Look out for more updates.