Late November 2018, one of our Members who is an experienced experimental aircraft test pilot suggested some changes to some of the advice shown within the SAAA Flight Test Guide book, and Test Cards.

Specifically, with regard to stalling the aircraft and use of full power for recovery. Our Manager Flight Operations agreed that the advice given to apply full throttle to recover from a standard stall should be changed.

A highly respected and qualified Aeronautical Engineer and past Factory Test Pilot, who is a highly respected aerobatic pilot and instructor was also asked for his expert input on the topic, and agreed – that to apply full power to recover from a standard stall was not required.

SAAA Flight Test Guide book and cards have therefore been adjusted.


There are many stall recovery techniques available for different aircraft types. A test pilot should develop the optimum technique for the aircraft type. Fundamentally, forward controls will un-stall the wings.


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