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Following is a CASA notice

On-the-spot Class 2 Medicals

Tuesday 3 April 2018

From tomorrow 4 April, all designated aviation medical examiners (DAMEs) will have the option to issue on-the-spot Class 2 medical certificates.

The changes being introduced include optimisation of the CASA medical records system (MRS) to instantly process certificates that meet the required medical standard.

If MRS flags a review is needed, every DAME now has the option to either conduct that review themselves and assess whether a certificate can be issued – or refer the assessment to CASA. The only exception will be for conditions of psychosis, irreversible dementia or epilepsy – or if an applicant has previously had a Class 2 application declined.

This means that CASA’s medical team will be involved in Class 2 assessments only where a DAME chooses. It’s important to know that some assessments can be complex and your DAME may elect to refer it to CASA.

To further streamline processing, the CASA Class 2 application fee has been reduced to $65 and will need to be paid through MRS prior to visiting your DAME. The fee will be further reviewed later this year when the remaining Class 2 reforms have been completed.

Where a DAME has assessed you as fit to fly, you should receive your Class 2 certificate by email before you leave the surgery.

DAMEs need to have completed a short online eLearning module to use the new system features. When you make your next appointment, ask your DAME “Are you set-up to offer on-the-spot Class 2 medicals?

If you have any questions, contact us at or call 131 757.