Tallawarra B – How you can help have this project reviewed correctly by CASA

Please see a message from SAAA member John Cleary

Dear All,

As you know, AOPA, RA Aus, SAAA and ASAC have together put an open letter to Minister Stokes, asking him to intervene in the recent announcement regarding Tallawarra B.

Collectively we think it important that a properly conducted, open and transparent third party review of the plume be conducted, led by CASA, and involving technical representatives from the aviation community.

The key to seeing this done prior to any work actually happening on construction of the facility, is via Minister Stokes.

You can help by personally contacting Minister Stokes and expressing your personal concern in your own words via this link:


I have made my submission as an individual, and I copy my comments below. The process is very straight forward. You don’t need to upload any documents. You do wish to receive a reply.

Everybody can help by letting Minister Stokes know that we need to be assured that this project is safe for us. We support CASA in their suggestion that they conduct an independent review led by CASA.

We add our voices requesting that review be open and transparent, and that it has appropriate technical representation from AOPA, RA Aus, SAAA and ASAC.

Should CASA determine the project to be safe through such a process, we will then work constructively with the implementation to ensure the outcome is a win-win for all.

Thank you for your help,