AP Service – CAR 262AP(5) Authorisation – Flight over Built-Up Areas

$150.00 inc. GST

** Please note that all SAAA CoA related AP service prices will be increasing from 1st July 2018 **

Pricing will be honoured in respect of AP services purchased provided the AP services have been booked and delivered within 3 months of any purchases. If the service has not been booked and delivered within this timeframe, then excepting exceptional circumstances, any price increases will be applied.

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Application to AP for CAR 262AP(5) authorisation for flight over built-up areas. Note! Authorisation is not guaranteed. Fee is for assessment of application and possible issue. We recommend speaking with an Authorised Person or your Technical Advisor about your particular aircraft before purchasing this item. Authorisation for Flight over Built-Up Areas is not available during Phase 1 Flight Testing. This service is only available to financial Members of the SAAA. Subsequent to purchase, the purchaser must also be a financial member of the SAAA at the time of receiving a service or attending a course.

Information Paper IPM5 Flight over built up areas can be found within the Technical Reference Centre of the SAAA Website. Your selected AP will need to see your evaluation of your aircraft and the application form, both from Information Paper IPM5.

Follow the link below to Information Paper IPM5:



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