President – Members Discussion Forum 02.00 UTC on Saturday 10th April 2021

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Due popular demand, Tony White will be re-starting the President – Members Discussion Forum program on Saturday 10th April at 02.00 UTC The intention is to run the forums each quarter.

This is an opportunity for SAAA Members to discuss “SAAA Business” with the President. We encourage Members to participate – perhaps in groups, amongst Chapters, or individually – find out what’s happening, and ask any question you want!

The Forums are run using the Zoom teleconference platform – you can join using any of a fixed computer, laptop, tablet or phone if connected to the internet, or you can simply dial in using a phone per the details at the top of this page. If unfamiliar with Zoom, you can find detailed instructions for setting up and joining a Zoom meeting below.

Traditionally, the agenda has been driven by Members, although Tony has always suggested a selection of topics to get discussion moving.

For this next forum, Tony suggests as a starting point:

  1.  Safety – Introducing Greg Moore our Technical Advisor Safety Management2.  Ausfly – give us your feedback – big event or scaled down?3.  Growing the SAAA – our strategies4.  Class E Submission – opportunity for discussion


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