SkyFuel Discount Offer

We have successfully negotiated a new Member benefit with Skyfuel that offers 5c per litre discount on all fuel purchased using Skyfuel issued Skyfuel-AirBP or Skyfuel Carnet cards at AirBP and Skyfuel operated locations. This benefit will apply from 1st  January 2022 and will be applied to your monthly Skyfuel invoices whenever there any transactions using either of these cards.

Please note:  If you hold a Skyfuel World Fuel Contract Card the discount does not apply.

This arrangement benefits all Member irrespective of how much fuel you purchase (the previous arrangement benefited large consumers only). Some examples of the value of this benefit as a function of hours you fly and your engine average fuel burn:

  • – 30 hrs/year at 30 litres/hr => $45 annual saving
  • – 50 hrs/year at 30 litres/hr => $75 annual saving
  • – 30 hrs/year at 50 litres/hr => $75 annual saving
  • – 50 hrs/year at 50 litres/hr => $125 annual saving
  • – 100 hrs/year at 50 litres/hr => $250 annual saving

Current financial Members of SAAA who hold either or both a Skyfuel-AirBP and Skyfuel carnet card do not need to take any further action. The new discount arrangement will be applied automatically by Skyfuel.

SAAA Members who wish to use this service must be a customer of Skyfuel and a financial member of the SAAA:

–   You must initiate an application via the SAAA website using the link here – your details will be automatically forwarded to Skyfuel

–   Skyfuel-AirBP and Skyfuel carnet cards will then be issued though Skyfuel

–   Discounts cannot be applied to fuel purchased using AirBP cards that are not issued by Skyfuel, or to fuel purchased from Skyfuel bowsers using a bank debit / credit card

–   SAAA and Skyfuel will routinely audit use of cards to verify that the holders of cards issued under the SAAA-Skyfuel arrangement are financial Members of the SAAA