Student Membership
Concession Membership for enrolled students under the age of 21;
No voting rights
Full Member
Full voting rights
Senior Member
Concession Membership for those over the age of 65 and holding a valid Pension Card;
Full voting rights

All members are encouraged to join a chapter (club) to allow for information to be disseminated and to help all members in their build and ongoing maintenance needs. Chapters organise social activities and builder’s nights in their local area. Many chapters purchase specialist tools for ongoing maintenance functions for their member group.

To join via phone, please contact our office on 02 6889 7777 or email

To establish eligibility for a concessional rate a copies of the following ARE REQUIRED: Commonwealth Benefit, Old Age Pension, Invalid Pension,Veteran’s Pension or Health Card.

A photocopy of the current benefit must accompany the application or renewal. If joining on-line email copy of relevant documents to

Those receiving health or unemployment benefits must re-apply each year for this concession with their annual membership renewal, enclosing a copy of the current benefit documents.