SAAA Sponsored Youth Aircraft Build and Fly Project

The SAAA has launched it’s sponsored Youth Aircraft Build and Fly Project. This is an exciting project aimed fairly and squarely at engaging young persons with aviation and at the same time providing the opportunity for the many SAAA Members committed to “giving something back”. These aviators will offer their time and experience as volunteers to assist with the building of an aircraft and delivery of flight instruction to some of the youngsters involved. Those who have been involved with projects such as this understand the enjoyment and learning that both the participating youngsters and aviation supporters experience – it is truly rewarding for everyone involved. Along the way, we expect the youngsters to develop many new technical and team skills, and that some will pursue careers of some form in Australian aviation, where there is strong and growing long term demand.

All the information on this project is detailed in our Project Management Plan.

We invite SAAA Members and others aviators to engage with this project now.  If you are a member of a chapter please complete this participation form

If you are a school or educational institution and would like to participate, please complete this form.

The project is underwritten by approved funding. However, we also invite industry supporters to consider sponsorship in respect of the build and flying phases of this project – your assistance will be greatly appreciated as every dollar contributed in kind or otherwise will help us to extend the scope of flight instruction and increase subsidies we can offer in respect of aircraft operating costs. The finished aircraft will be sold on completion of the flight instruction program in order to recover the build costs; any cash surplus on sale will be applied to further reducing flight instruction costs to students.

For general enquiries on the project, please contact Tony White, National President of SAAA. For all matters around administration and how to become involved in the project, please contact the project’s National Administration Co-ordinator, Lainey Bradley.

Contact details:

Tony White             +61-419 421 632

Lainey Bradley                +61 410 707 189