We have a number of new information papers loaded on to our Technical Reference Centre page.  They are:

Two new SAAA Information Papers have been written as we are starting to see some enquiries about the possibilities of switching existing RAAus amateur-built aircraft over to VH Experimental Amateur-Built.

In recent years, CASA has made it possible for Recreational Pilot Certificate holders to gain a CASA Recreational Pilot Licence fairly easily in order to be able to fly VH registered light aircraft such as local aero club 172 or other common types, and including VH registered Experimental Amateur-Built aircraft of most common types.

SAAA Authorised Persons have the capability of issuing an Experimental Certificate to aircraft previously operated “elsewhere” (most commonly as an Experimental in USA) but “elsewhere” can also include under RAAus, the process is no different, we can handle it.

Information Paper IPP GEN 008-001 Convert RAAus amateur-built to VH Experimental describes the “how-to” for a change to VH operation if anyone is considering it.

Information Paper IPP GEN 009-001 Convert RPC to CASA RPL describes the process of how to get a CASA Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL) so that you can fly VH registered aircraft. While SAAA is not involved with that process, it is fairly simple and many RAAus RPC holders have already taken advantage of that process in recent years to gain a CASA licence.

Additional papers include:

SB 003-001 Carbon Monoxide Hazards (Members can view in the Technical Reference Center)

IPM 29-001 Aircraft Washing (Members can view in the Technical Reference Center)

IPP GEN 010-001 Hypoxia