On 20th January 2021, Airservices Australia issued a proposal to lower the base of Class E Airspace to 1500ft AGL in the “eastern corridor” in December 2021. Responses were invited by 15th February 2021. SAAA submitted a response, which is available on the SAAA website (refer Technical Reference Centre – Advocacy). The proposal would introduce some serious operational issues for VFR, IFR and RPT operations. Further the proposal would trigger significant cost implications for aircraft not fitted with TSO’d Mode S transponders and at least two VHF radios if they wished to operate above 1500ft AGL in the areas subject to the proposed changes. Whilst SAAA applauded the intention to reduce the risk of “mid-airs”, the Airservices proposal is not the way to achieve this outcome. Our proposal offered an alternative solution centered around current global initiatives to enable broad use of low cost ADSB-OUT/IN Electronic Conspicuity (EC) devices that are today available for under $1000. The roll out of such devices is being supported and encouraged in countries such as the USA and UK with approximately $500 rebates for VFR aircraft owners to acquire these EC devices.  You can read our submission in full here.  Scroll down to Advocacy.