CASA released the following information on the 9th October 2018 regarding policy changes to their Airworthiness Directive notification service.

CASA wrote:

Dear Subscriber,

CASA is changing our policy regarding notification of Urgent Airworthiness Directives (ADs) via the CASA website subscriber email notification service.

Previously, ADs requiring compliance action within the following timeframes were classified by CASA as Urgent:

1. 50 hours’ time in service, or

2. 50 flight cycles, or

3. 42 calendar days

As some of these timeframes may be somewhat conservative and often result in ADs regarded as “routine” by the State of Design National Aviation Authority (NAA) being published by CASA as Urgent (particularly in the case of many general aviation aircraft) CASA has adopted a policy of publishing those ADs classified as “Emergency ADs” by the State of Design NAA, as Urgent ADs.

Some States of Design may not issue “Emergency ADs”. If an AD from one of these states has a short compliance time, CASA will declare it as urgent AD if it requires compliance in less than:

1. 25 hours’ time in service, or

2. 25 flight cycles, or

3. 30 calendar days

When CASA publishes Urgent ADs, operators of affected aircraft, engines or aeronautical products will still be forwarded copies of those Urgent ADs directly by CASA wherever practicable. To facilitate the effective distribution of Urgent ADs, it is critical that Registered Operators maintain current contact details via the CASA aircraft registration system and advise CASA of any changes of address or contact details. Alternatively, Registered Operators are highly recommended to subscribe to the “Certification and Airworthiness” list of the CASA Email Notification Service whereby they will receive an email each time CASA publishes:

1. An Urgent AD

2. The Biweekly listing of all ADs issued over the preceding two weeks

3. An Airworthiness Bulletin or equivalent foreign Airworthiness Advisory Document

Any questions regarding this change in Urgent AD policy may be forwarded to the CASA AD Cell via email to

Kind regards,