Effective 18th April 2018, we have commenced the process to end the SAAA-TAS contract.

TAS, The Association Specialists, have been providing “front of house”, administration and book-keeping / accounting support services to SAAA since June 2016.

The fundamental reason for change is to improve service to our Members.

All Member support services have been transferred to the first member of our new support team, Alicia McClean.  As a Member, the transition will be seamless – your contact points via phone 02 6889 7777 and email enquiries@saaa.com are still the same.

When you first speak to Alicia – please say “Gidday” and introduce yourself and welcome her into our community.  She is there to help you and will be keen to receive any news or stories you would like to have published in our Member Comms or in AirSport.

We have adjusted our Office contact hours to Tuesday – Friday midday to 3pm EST. This was justified on the basis that the incoming telephone call rate to our Office is not high – for example, calls in March averaged only 1.3 calls per day. Also, our new Website “Contact Us” ticket system is working very well and Members are making frequent and effective use of this – your queries getting straight to who can best help you fastest,

The transition will increase the workload for some members of our team in the short term, however, the reward will be a better more efficient Member Support Service.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Tony White (President) or John Smith (Secretary) or Andy George (Treasurer).