SAAA Launches The Member’s Aircraft Details Database

After much planning and development, the SAAA team are incredibly pleased to advise that today we have launched the first phase of our developing Member’s Aircraft Details Database.

This database will be the SAAA electronic filing cabinet of each EAB aircraft.  It will contain information from when the build commenced and throughout its life span including different owners.

The online system will replace the information contained in filing cabinets at Narromine.  With your co-operation we will have a searchable database that will allow our SAAA approved technical personnel to service you faster and better in the future.

This does not replace your aircraft log books but does back them up with critical data and move towards an electronic set of records of your project(s).

Do you remember when CASA grounded all aircraft with Jabiru engines, because CASA deemed the engines to have a major issue mechanically.  This was based on a couple of engine failures. CASA were fighting with Jabiru Co. and owners paid the price.  At that time, SAAA nor anyone else could put up a argument against the grounding as we had no information. Hence this Aircraft Details Database.

And when the day comes to on sell your pride and joy, you can expect that this initiative will also add value to potential buyers especially when complimented with a valid RRAv assessment(s) for your aircraft.

The database is easy to use and there are some fantastic features including:

  • Link to CASA database for verification of registered aircraft
  • Separate modules for all the aircraft’s components
  • Ability to enter details of replacement / retired parts
  • Ability to upload all certificates, Technical reports, etc.

Only approved SAAA administrative staff and yourself will have access to your aircraft data in the SAAA Aircraft Details Database.  All information will be kept private in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988.

Let us get you started!  Everyone who enters their details from launch to 30th June 2021 will be entered into a prize draw to win a one year AvPlan EFB subscription along with $150 gift card.

You must have a Serial Number to continue.   We strongly recommend that you have your logbooks and / or paperwork of the components fitted to your aircraft to hand before you start

Login in to your SAAA Membership

Click on My Projects

The following screen will appear

Go to your email that you have registered with for the verification code

There will be a number (please note this is an example and not the actual number for you to input):

Go back to the SAAA Aircraft Register and put in the number and your details (please note that this is an example and the number is not the actual number for you to input):

Click Register

The next screen will come up:

Click login

The next screen will appear:

Click on Create Project and start inputting.  If you have multiple projects you click on +NewProject on the menu bar on the top right corner.

To make changes in your project click on the red circle with a pen.  To upload a photo of your aircraft or add additional participants, click on the blue circle button with the three dots.

To remove equipment click on the Spanner symbol.  You will still be able to view what equipment you have removed.

If you wish to keep a paper copy of what you have entered, you can take and print screenshots.  Printing a summary of your database will be implemented in a future enhancement.

The data entered is automatically saved.  You can enter the data in your own timescale.

This database will give you and SAAA the opportunity to keep critical records of the aircraft being built and flown.   SAAA with your help to enter your data, will have the ability to:

  • Notify members of safety issues on certain components as issued by manufacturers or CASA.
  • We can identify if builders are building the same aircraft, in the same area, and put you in touch with each other.
  • We can also advocate to CASA any members feedback if they withdraw components such as an engine manufacturer and type.

We would like you to take the time to enter your information on your aircraft.  We request only true accurate data be entered for your build or flying EAB aircraft, and not test data of phantom projects.

More enhancements will be issued in the future.

If you have any queries with the database, please contact us