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Weight & Balance Course

This exam has been prepared as a supplement to the SAAA MPC course examination. A pass in this exam is intended to demonstrate that an applicant  Experimental Amateur Built owner /builder has sufficient understanding of principles of aircraft weighing and weight control management to safely undertake these duties on his/her own behalf with respect to their own aircraft.

A pass in this element of the MPC course must be achieved and recorded on the applicants MPC certificate before the applicant will be able to satisfy the requirements of CAO 100.7.

The exam consists of four sections containing 23 multi-choice questions. The required knowledge to answer all questions can be found within the nominated reference material. The applicant is expected to be fully conversant with the subject material. A pass mark of 90% is required.

The exam is set out in four sections:

  1. Legislative Requirements and Theory
  2. Weight and Balance Example Calculations
  3. Preparation of your aircraft for weighing
  4. Logbook and data recording

You can access reference material in the module.

Once you have studied and reviewed the Course Materials and you have completed the course training in either a classroom or video conferencing format, please now proceed to take the exam by following the instructions below.

If you are successful in passing all four modules of the exam, you will immediately receive notification and be presented with a certificate. Your certificate will also be stored in the SAAA records and is recoverable at any time by accessing “My Courses” on the SAAA website. The outcomes, whether a pass or fail will also be recorded under “My Courses” where you will also be able to review any questions that you may not have answered correctly. All this information will be stored for each occasion that you take the exam.

If you have failed the exam and wish to re-take the exam, you will have a further two opportunities to re-take the exam within a period of 3 months from attending the date of your MPC Course Training. If you do not pass the exam within 3 attempts, a member of the SAAA training team will contact you.

If you have any difficulties with taking the exam, please contact the SAAA Training team via