SAAA Chapter and Member Locations – Maps

Whether you are a prospective Member of SAAA, or an existing Member, you can find out where your nearest SAAA Chapter or current SAAA Members are located here.

For privacy reasons, only the suburb, post code, state and Membership Number of current SAAA Members is displayed – should you wish to contact a current SAAA Member, simply contact SAAA Member Services at or submit a ticket and our Member Services Team will put you in touch.

If you would like to contact a particular Chapter, the Chapter President’s name and email address are provided should you wish to make direct contact. Alternatively, contact our Member Services Team.

** The data set will be updated quarterly


Using this Google My Map:

– Use the usual zoom / drag functions to focus on your area of interest

– Click on a “pin” (Chapter or Member”) to display details; in some cases, “Member pins” will overlay each other and so some “Member pins” may not be visible. To check for all data, or if you wish to view only Chapter locations, or just Member locations – click the symbol at top left of the image in the map header to reveal (or hide) view options and gain access to all available data.

– View options and access to available data

  • Check or Uncheck the data layers you wish to view
  • Click on the small arrow to left of  “All Items” to view  / hide the data entries – clicking on an item will reveal all available info