Membership Renewal Benefits

We really want to see you continue your Membership of SAAA – we have put an enormous amount of work into improving SAAA and hope you can stay with us to enjoy it’s growth and opportunities into the future.

  1. Continued Membership of the SAAA offers you a raft of benefits that potentially save you thousands of dollars each year – the most substantial being savings if you insure under the SAAA-QBE Insurance Scheme and savings if you exercise your privilege to maintain your own aircraft in accordance with the prevailing CASA Instrument (currently 15/16, and provided you hold a valid SAAA MPC Certificate)
  2. You may wish to review the Member Benefits page on our website – there is much to be gained from retaining your membership.
  3. We are offering a special Legacy Membership to those who for whatever reason no longer own and are no longer able to fly any aircraft, or are suffering financial hardship yet are still making a substantial contribution to the SAAA community and still desire to remain part of the SAAA Community. Membership under these circumstance is available for $50 per year and must be sought by way of a written application indicating grounds for such a Membership to be granted with the approval of the National President. If you would like to be considered for this Membership, please contact our Member Support Services at or phone (02) 6889 7777.