Energy Australia Tallawarra B Aeronautical Impact Assessment

Please see attached some documents prepared by John Cleary – Chapter 4.

These have gone out on AOPA letter head to help get a national solution to the issue of an Open Cycle Gas Turbine (OCGT) power plant construction at any airport, not just Wollongong.

Tony has been working reasonably closely with John during this issue, as he has with others from the aviation sector.

I draw your attention to the Executive summary, as it clearly says that an OCGT at Wollongong airport is un-safe.

Please read the reports and have a think about your response, we may need your support in the near future.

AOPA Cover Letter

AOPA YSHL Response

Appendix A1 – Cessna 172N V speed Calculations

Appendix A2 – Various Aircraft CPVs for MTOW Vy climb out

Appendix B1 – Noel Kruse FlyBetter Lesson 13 – Aircraft Structural Limits

Appendix B2 – Barry Schiff – Flying in Turbulence

Appendix B3 – Understanding Maneuvering Speed-Plane and Pilot

Appendix C – E