Our Pedigree

First and foremost, SAAA has developed as the pre-eminent organisation established in the Australian aviation community that is home to VH-registered sport aircraft owners, builders and pilots.

Over the years, we have evolved as a mature organisation with a depth of knowledge and capability by virtue of our members’ experience as aviators. Our focus has been traditionally on helping our Members to build and maintain amateur built aircraft, although we are currently working to add greater depth of flying operations support to Members – training SAAA pilots by SAAA Members who know our aircraft best.

SAAA has worked with the Regulator to develop valuable processes and privileges that enable our Members to issue Special Certificates of Airworthiness under delegation by CASA, and for Members to be allowed to maintain their own aircraft subsequent to CASA accepted training delivered by SAAA Members.  All this achieved by advocacy on behalf of Members – an ongoing process working with the Regulator to achieve better outcomes for our Members.

There is much in the pipeline in this evolving organisation. But we must continue to demonstrate a responsible attitude and so provide the assurance to the Regulator and the public that we pose acceptable manageable risk and thus earn and retain the privileges to continue with the recreation we hold dear.

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