Is this a case of “buyer beware”?


Everyone will no doubt be aware of various claims and statements made by RAAus around weight increases and changes to airspace access for RAAus members.

The very strong inferences are that these changes are “in the bag”. SAAA works closely with CASA and it is our very clear understanding that any changes in these regards are certainly not “in the bag”.  It is our opinion that once the full technical and safety implications of such changes are fully understood, there will not be a Safety Case that supports these changes.

More generally, we are also of the opinion that there will not be a Safety Case that supports the continuing development of parallel, and we understand lesser, standards and training requirements for aircraft and pilots operating same type classes and in same airspaces as all other aircraft operating in Australian airspace.

SAAA is likely the most cost effective and expert supported environment to build, maintain and fly Experimental Category aircraft. The expert support comes from a plethora of highly experienced experimental category aircraft builders and pilots. Many of our pilots have thousands of hours on all of the most common experimental aircraft types above 600kg MTOW, operate VFR, NVFR and IFR, and many are also professional GA and commercial pilots. Our expert support network provides knowledge and support to builders, maintainers and pilots within a formalised framework at no charge for their time, excepting nominal fees for processing Certificate of Airworthiness applications, simply because they are committed to aviation and committed to helping keep our Members safe by reducing accident rates and saving lives.

Members of SAAA can build their own aircraft with Certificates of Airworthiness issued by CASA delegated Authorised SAAA Members, maintain their own aircraft under privileges conferred by CASA and fly in all classes of airspace in accordance with CASA issued licences. They are consequently able to operate aircraft in Australia just as any other pilot in Australia.

SAAA is a not-for-profit organisation that exists purely to support aviators, keep our Members safe and mitigate the risk to the public.  We do not profit from our Members, nor seek to build capital value to SAAA – but we are in the business of building a positive build, flight, maintenance and safety culture.


Plan Wise – Build Well – Fly Safe!