Everyone will have been aware of the Aviation Medical Certification Review that CASA has been running.

Many from the aviation community made submissions to CASA, including SAAA – you may have seen our submission published earlier this year.

The outcome is a great step in the right direction, with the introduction of a new category of private pilot medical certificate, allowing non passenger carrying commercial operations under a full Class 2 medical certificate and increasing the delegation of medical decision making to medical professionals.

The new certificate, to be known as a basic Class 2, will be available to private pilots flying piston engine powered aircraft carrying up to five non fare paying passengers. Operations will be limited to the daytime visual flight rules and will be permitted in all classes of airspace.

This basic Class 2 medical certificate will require an assessment by a doctor using the Austroads commercial vehicle driver standards. General practitioners will be able to carry out assessments.

These commercial vehicle medical standards currently apply to drivers of heavy vehicles, public passenger vehicles and vehicles carrying bulk dangerous goods. They cover medical issues such as cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, psychiatric conditions, blackouts substance abuse and vision and hearing disorders.

We had advocated for a new licence category such as this to extend to NVFR and IFR operations, so are disappointed to see the opportunity to accommodate these other operations overlooked. SAAA will continue to advocate for these other categories and indeed other power plant types to be covered by the new basic Class 2 medical certificate.

For full details, please refer to about the new policy on the CASA website.