Dear SAAA Member,

First and foremost – SAAA is going to Narromine!

Please join us to help make SAAA’s involvement and the event a success for all.

The event commences at midday Thursday the 19th of October and runs through until Saturday evening on the 21st of October 2017.

Beyond the general aspects of the event, operated by the event organiser, AirVenture Australia Pty Ltd (AVA), SAAA will have:

All SAAA Narromine facilities open and operating with:

  • A members, friends and supporters meeting area – all aviator and industry supporters are also warmly welcome!
  • Management team members and technical advisers will be available for informal discussions
  • Hosting for one of the event seminar spaces
  • A display of 5 or 6 completed aircraft representative of the range of types operated by SAAA – access panels removed, instrument panels and systems demonstrated
  • A display of 3 or 4 part completed projects
  • SAAA Booth in the Main Exhibitor’s Tent
  • SAAA Aircraft judging competition
  • Grand Champion Experimental
  • Best Experimental Aircraft
  • Clive Canning Best Metal Aircraft
  • Best Composite Aircraft
  • John Liddell Best Hybrid or Rag and Tube Aircraft
  • Concours d’Elegance
  • SAAA members will be participating in the air display.

Subsequent to many enquiries from our members, it is appropriate to provide some background to the event and SAAA participation.

It will be evident to all by now that reference to SAAA has been removed from the AirVenture Australia website. This follows from SAAA requesting that any reference to SAAA as a member of the event organising team be removed. This request was made for a variety of reasons. However, in response, the event organiser has sadly seen fit to also largely remove reference to SAAA as a participant and contributor to the event. Along with RAAus and APF, SAAA is also a current participating beneficiary of the OzKosh Trust – a corporate entity of which AirVenture Australia Pty Ltd is the trustee and also operator of AirVenture 2017.

However, SAAA has no ownership or legal control of either of the OzKosh Trust or AirVenture Australia Pty Ltd.

SAAA is, as we all know, a largely volunteer supported organisation that operates a not-for-profit operation and, accordingly, we have no interest in deriving revenue other than that required to deliver value for money services to our members.

We passionately believe in an Australian general aviation community where all aviators and industry supporters work together and can come together at events around our nation under one sky. We have no interest in politics or commercial influences that may have a contrary effect.

As those of our members who attended the President – Members Discussion Forum on Saturday 2nd September will know, there was a comprehensive discussion around matters in relation to the AirVenture 2017 event. It is not productive to repeat that discussion here, however, feel free to contact our President, Tony White, directly if you would like a personal briefing.

SAAA remains a founding beneficiary of the OzKosh Trust. We have, and continue to contribute funds and infrastructure to assist in supporting the AirVenture 2017 event and the Australian sport aviation community.

We look forward to seeing as many of our members, friends and industry supporters at Narromine over the course of the event.

Please help make SAAA’s involvement and the event a success!

Thank you

Tony White
President SAAA